New MP features June 2021

Here is the list of the most relevant new MP features and improvements of last months.

1. Undo/Redo dropdown

The Undo/Redo dropdown list now shows the time pased to each undo/redo action.

2. Multi core meshing

When generating single parts, all available cores are used for the meshing process with GMSH. When generating two parts at the same time, half of all available cores are used for each part. When generating more parts at the same time, than avalable cores, each part is meshed on one core.

3. New keyboard shortcuts

In model tree: CTRL+A to select all children of a model tree item, e.g. select all connections.

In the model tree and 3D area: Press S to suppress/unsuppress, press H to hide/unhide parts.

4. Report generator

Report items can now be deactivated. Also, the report generation can be stopped.

5. Solution junk files

Some junk files are automatically deleted after solution. This saves storage space while solving multiple variants.

6. Part mappings

Part maps located in other directories than the Windows Public directory are now supported. Part maps that are available in the directory chain of an assembly are automatically considered by the software.

Wildcards (e.g. *) can now be used in the names of the source parts.

A new function is available in the context menu of the model tree: "Apply part map" This way part mappings can be applied to available assembly at any time, not only at CAD import.

7. Bolts

Bolts with fine thread are now supported.

8. Contact stiffness

Changed default value of contact stiffness from -10e12 to -100e12. Due to the nonlinear nature (pressure dependency) of the contact stiffness, the new value is more safe for special cases with high pressures on small surfaces.

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