Why Meshparts?

What distinguishes Meshparts from other FE simulation software and other FE simulation service providers?

Meshparts closes the large gap between CAD extension and professional FEA software. By automated model production the large hurdles of the FE-simulation are taken and make the fast entrance possible for the simulation of complex circumstances and building groups. A motivated designer, a CAD workstation and 1 day training and you can reduce your development costs and optimize your products from day 2.

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Meshparts - the software

Meshparts as service provider brings 20 years of simulation experience and deep industry knowledge.

We support the validation and optimization of your development concepts with the help of FE simulation, as well as an analysis of savings potentials in your development process and the creation of automated simulation processes according to your specifications.

In addition, the following things distinguish us:

  • Short term and fast processing of projects
  • There is never a subsequent invoicing for submitted offers

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Meshparts - the service provider

About us

Finite-element simulation is our passion. In Stuttgart - in the heart of mechanical engineering and the automotive industry - we work daily to give companies of all sizes access to simulation. Be it by using our own Meshparts software or as an experienced service provider. Above all, the idea of intelligent automation of simulation processes is our main focus.