Solve your assembly

Solving an assembly in Meshparts means writing the model to a solver specific input file and sending a solution job to the selected FE solver.

  1. In the model tree, select the assembly you want to solve. This is typically the main assembly, but you can also solve a sub-assembly.
  2. Select a type of analysis. This is typically static or modal analysis. Harmonic or transient analysis are better performed based on a reduced model, which you can automatically export after a modal analysis.
  3. Click on the "Solve" button:

After you press the "Solve" button, Meshparts will start exporting the model into the selected solver format (defaults to Ansys CDB format).
Finally, the exported model will be sent to the solver as a batch process.

In the status bar, click on the "Tasks" button to open the tasks window.
Here you can go to the tab "Solution queue" and see the runnung solution job.
We also recommend to open and take a look at the output file of the solver while the solution is in progress.